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Retail points of sale
100% Web&Cloud


POS & Cloud Software

Web-based. No installation. Instant availability and total control of your physical stores from any connected device.

Always ready

From home, from the shop, and even at events or wherever you happen to be. Use your online POS from anywhere.

Updated inventory

Use the most powerful and simple tool to have up-to-date information on the status of your stores, at all times, and everywhere.

Multi-Outlet & Franchising

Expand your shops or franchises as much as you wish and stay in control with a single Cloud application.


100% Hardware compatible

Connect all your devices. Receipt and label printers and barcode readers, as easy as ever.

On every browser: Firefox, Chrome & Safari.

We choose web technology that works because we want you feel comfortable working on every device.

Multiplatform. Mac or Windows and Linux

The future belongs to the web. Any device with a web browser is a perfect workplace.

Tablets and mobile devices are all invited

Working from the web, you can work from any device with a web browser at your fingers, iOS, Android, even Smart TV!!!

All-Terrain POS

This POS is online and knows what you need and how you need it.
Because we have worked closely with our users,
listening to your needs and evolving.

Excellent in Fashion and Accessories

Sizes and colors. Refund in cash and coupons. Label printing.

Strong, rapid responses for restaurant/food industry needs

Table control. Multi-user. Management of shared food orders. Touch screen compatible.


Receipt and delivery of serialized stocks. Delivery to/from numerous warehouses, for example: pick-up in Chicago and delivery in Dallas. Possibility to rent for hours or even minutes.

Purchase of second hand goods

Negotiation purchase module. Legal forms and paperwork. Serial number control.

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Publish web & online Store

So natural! With the same tool used to manage your shop, you'll publish an online store in just a few clicks. Never, never, never work more than you have to.

Visit this ONLINE SHOP sample

With your own domain

Publish your web with the same POS software without additional hosting costs.

Continuously synced inventory

You will never provide poor service due to lack of stock. You will not have to send catalog information to your online store or invoices to your invoicing system.

Publish all or part of your catalog

All or part of your catalog is offered to the entire planet. Rates and prices can be changed whenever you want. Loyalty systems function simultaneously between your online store and your physical store.

Ready for growth

We guarantee your growth your own new stores or franchises. Thanks to GESIO®, you'll never stop.

Sync your partner catalogs with yours

Everything that you do with your catalog, adding or removing items, will be perfectly synchronized with your partners, for both personal as well as franchised stores.

Understable documents among business

Documentation on purchases, sales and deliveries can travel from one GESIO® to another without you having to do any extra work.

Backups & stand-alone servers

Each franchise is an autonomous and independent system. This way, each one will pay for its own goods, and the risks of one will not affect the others.

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Worth having

GESIO® POS price is revolutionary as well. You won’t have to think about buying…just selling.

Hosting, unique IP, Backups & unlimited transfer

A full server for your company. Isolated, with no interactions with others. Fast, expandable and safe.

We appreciate your commitment

Get discounts up to 20% off in annual contracts.

Unlimited users

In 2.0 companies, everyone contributes information to the platform. Logically, all employees and contributors should be able to use it, without any limitations.

Always updated

We make sure that the instrument is always updated. All updates are done online, hassle-free and safe.

New retailer tools

At GESIO®, we make sure that the user’s experience is unsurpassable which is why we work with leaders from each sector that guarantee that you only have to manage your own business.

Parked orders

Serve each client without pressure enabling the best shopping experience with integrated parking.


Allow prepayments to reserve products and ensure the best customer service.


Coupons and Loyalty tactics

Issue free coupons or returns. Club rates. Generate value and customer loyalty in repeated purchases.

Mail marketing

Send receipts by e-mail and create a customer Club, send offers by mail and SMS.